March 16, 2010

Truckee Tribulations

Spent a few hours with Louise on The River this last weekend looking for some lonely red-sides to tangle with. Action was pretty slow with the water temps in the mid 40's and slowly rising as the day went on. Water was gin clear for the first couple hours and turned emerald green by about 2 o'clock. Air temps were low, but the wind stayed away which helped to avert the attention away from the fact that we weren't catching anything, "At least it's a beautiful day..."

There were midges coming off all day long with a few baetis here and there, but no fish heads until nearly sundown. We fished all types of flies and managed to pick up a fish here and there including another state record whitey.

Whitey likes the bling...

I know it's been awhile since my last pay day on The River, but I really felt like we paid some dues this last Sunday. Next trip... 20 fish day, guaranteed! I did manage one fish that was questionable. She was foul-hooked when she came to hand, but was clearly on the top fly for the fist couple of runs. I'm guessing that top fly came unbuttoned and the dropper had found its way into her side as she was running. It happens. Hot fish though, and with some beef in them fins.

When the sun got a little lower we started to see the baetis sailboats a little more often, which was promising. Louise looks over at me a says, "Wouldn't it be great if there was this awesome hatch right before we left?" And like god was listening, clouds of midges started popping everywhere. So thick that I could taste them as they flew into mouth and eyes. It made talking a little harder, but who needs to talk when fish are rising all around you?

First real dry fly action of the year, and it was well-worth the dues paid earlier that day. Next trip, we'll be sure not to forget the Glenlivet.

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