March 9, 2010

Sierra Trout Slam

Off the Hook Fly Shop in Placerville, CA presents local (and not local) anglers with a new but simple challenge, the Sierra Trout Slam: Catch five distinct species of trout within the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The fish don't have to be native to their waters, but they do have to be caught and released in the Sierras on a fly rod. The five fish can be any of the following nine species: brook, brown, rainbow, golden, lahontan cutthroat, tiger, lake trout, mounain whitefish ,and paiute cutthroat.

Complete the challenge with photographic evidence and applicants will receive a certificate similar to this:

With a picture of each of the submitted species of trout caught.

Now here's my little twist.......... try catching all five in the same lake/stream/river....... it's been done by at least one person I know.....

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