February 27, 2013

Back in Action

Been four months since the last report, but I'm back in the saddle... err, back at the keyboard.

Best to just sum it all up at once: epic steelhead run on the American this winter, as far as the American goes. Fresh fish are still coming into the system even at the end of February. Spent a few days on the trinity that reminded me why I really don't like that river (or people) any more. Found fish on the swing in the state of Jefferson (wouldn't mind spending more time there next fall). Caught some fish on the Truckee, and avoided the Yuba all together. Mix in some small stream action in Pollywood and that about sums up the last four months.

Here are a couple photos as evidence:

From the AR on a c-c-c-cold morning... go A's
If this river touched the ocean, I'd guess this was a steelhead.