March 7, 2010

Ain't goin' out like that...

I'm not much of a hunter, and I'm definitely not into hunting just for trophy animals... but... I just had to share this one...

Possibly the gnarliest hunting video I've ever seen... If you don't like hunting, or seeing animals get shot, don't watch this video... however... if you want to see a grown man scream like a girl as a 150 lb cat tries to eat his heart out after it gets shot in the leg... watch it, cause it's pretty good!

Whoever said that a hunted animal is helpless is out of their mind.


  1. That's awsome! Goin out with its boots on.

  2. I'm not saying I would, but it would be hard not to scream like a girl if a leopard was trying to eat me.

    Gnar gnar. Best video I've seen in many fortnights.