June 29, 2011


Put in some work this last Monday in the upper reaches of the big T. Found some fish, but that was after pounding the water with a nymph rig for a couple hours por nada. The golden ticket was a tiny black woolly bugger, slow stripped... just the way the fish like it... with a 15 ft type 6 sink tip in that not-so-fast (but not slow) water.

I found the bottom a few times but I have a feeling the fly was about a foot or two under the film most of the time. All brown trout in the 12-14" range. Water was pretty stained in the afternoon so I think the black fly helped it stand-out better.

Not my favorite conditions on the T, but I still managed a few and had fun doing it. Lost my Kanteen though... third one this year... You'd think it would make a distinctive klink noise or something when it falls out and hits the ground... but I guess not. Another donation to the Truckee river gods. I guess it's only fair since I found that Kanteen on the same river a few years back. The lord giveth and taketh away.

Back to Pollywood this weekend... maybe the MET will be open?