January 27, 2011

So Close to Hell You Can See Sparks.

One day in the silver state was all I needed. Not much of a WESTERN sierra report, but who cares: It's winter and all my favorite waters are either stuffed with chowder heads or flowin' higher than grandpa's pants. Beggars can't be choosers. Besides, that stretch of the river is a lot prettier (and more productive) than people think.

The likelihood of getting shanked goes up exponentially the closer you are to the city, but if you stay just outta town, you're good.

Here are a couple of fish faces from the day:

Had to chase this one down the river right past the impromptu toilet under the walking bridge.

My PSA for the day is: watch where you step... even river water can't wash some things off.

Hadn't been back down in the valley since the OCC tournament last October (which was an awesome 4th place finish for team master baetis). Speaking of master baetis, she claimed several more victims this last weekend and is proving to be a pretty much year-round Truckee river fly. Does well all year in pretty much any size: http://flytyingcontest.com/2010/03/31/master-baetis/