July 9, 2010

Truckee River Cleanup

It's been awhile... the US got knocked out in the round of 16... The Netherlands upset Brazil, and now they're in the finals.... the rivers are STILL blown out in the middle of July... and time to get away and fish is at a premium....

What's the world coming to?....

Not much to report... Spent last Saturday trolling the big T for garbage and fish. Found more garbage than fish, but that was a sign of a good day.

Found this little beauty in the afternoon... droppin' the rod in the drink is a sure way to wreck a good day.

Fed everybody lunch. Good turn-out, and lots of props to the Truckee TU chapter pres. Stefan Mcleod, a good guy who's committed and enthusiastic about keeping the Truckee running cold and clear. He'll do big things for the new chapter.

Stefan, If you read this, next beer's on me.

Who's full of hot air now?!

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