July 26, 2010

Livin' it up in Pollywood

Pics are a week old, but the river is still in prime shape. Spent a few hours early on the SF American near my old stompin' grounds. Screw the Silver Fork, they can have it...

Flows on the SF were perfect, and the fish were all over.

Nothing big to hand, but plenty of fish ready to chow on the dry fly.

When the dry fly bite slowed down, I tied on the world's smallest pheasant tail and and started nuking fish in every run... the shitty part about using tiny flies?.... they pop out...

Hooked a couple of fish that were MONSTERS for that river, but like more than half of the fish I hooked, they came unbuttoned too...

All in all the fish were active. Little yellow stones, some PMDs, and little mahogany mayflies all over. The big stonefly hatch is well over, but there were still plenty of nymphs crawling around on the river bottom. Hot flies were a yellow sallie dry with a size 18-20 pheasant tail dropper.

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