June 21, 2010

The June Brown

Funny... With a name like "March Brown" you'd think they'd be gone by the time the middle of June rolled around. Just another amazing (and yet, really confusing) day on the Tuffee.

New pattern test last Friday...

I think I'll call it the "June Brown".

Proof's in the puddin'...

If you're headed up this way, be sure to bring some split shot. 3 BB's still wasn't quite enough for those deeper runs... Oh ya... and I didn't see a single flying ant all day. Could've been me, or my shitty attempt at a flying ant pattern, but the drowned ant didn't produce a single fish. Lots of talk about the ants being around, not a whole lot of walk to back it up.

They'll show up eventually, jut not when I'm around.

Saw a few green drakes poppin' around lunchtime. Didn't try my new drake pattern though... got caught up in the wind and wasted too much time trying to get the perfect cast, every cast.

No yellow stones... in the air, at least.

Another note... don't bother showing up on Prosser unless you've got some scuds in the box...

Focker, out.


  1. Great looking june brown nymph-- I fish Andy Burk's hunchback march brown this time of year but I'm sure that pattern will work just as well


  2. Thanks for the compliment. So far so good, but Burk's version looks so much tastier for some reason.

    It's either the pearl flash, or he's just got the touch...

    I'm guessing it's the latter.