April 20, 2010

Steelhead in The Classroom

Never was there a fisherman so passionate about their sport than a steelheader. And thanks be to those fishermen, for if it weren't for them, we may never again have a good run of chrome giants in our home waters. If only our youngest generations knew that these fish now exist on a delicate thread held by those that strive to protect this fish above a vast expanse of those without concern, and without their help, after we're nothing more than a memory, this fish's existence may be lost entirely.

Without an outreach to our future leaders, many of the resources that we as fisherman love so much, and have worked so hard to protect, may be lost once we're gone. It's this message that Trout Unlimited is striving to instill in our children.

A grassroots project, the Trout and Steelhead in the Classroom project has begun to take hold locally thanks to several grade school teachers. Scott Lyons, a junior high teacher from Gold Trail School, successfully hatched and raised baby steelhead in his classroom with the help of his 8th grade class throughout the last few months.

I was fortunate enough to be part of the release of these fry steelhead into the American River last week.

It was amazing to see these students so engaged in the existence of these fish, some even having given the fish names.

As the fish were released, students watched as their hard work had come to fruition.

Clearly, a connection had been made with these students, and it's these connections that will help our future generations understand exactly what an important part these fish play in our world, and what we may need to do to help protect them now and in the future.

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